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Welcome to the TechHomes blog. In general, Kirk posts interesting articles/comments about new home automation and home theater products and solutions. Most of Rick's posts are related to smart home industry trends and updates on wired communities and tech-savvy home builders.

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  Kirk Bauer & Rick Hargett

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Home Theater PCs
Written by Kirk
My next project will probably be a house-wide media system.  I'll probably go with MythTV.  I want a centralized video recorder with a bunch of storage that has multiple tuners and can record in HDTV.  I then plan to create a client computer for each TV -- something simple that provides the user interface and streams the media from the server over gigabit ethernet.  I also like the built-in video game emulator support that is part of MythTV -- I would be able to play a wide variety of games from any room in my house.  Slashdot has a story about this very thing that came out today.  Very interesting read.

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Hard-wired lighting control
Written by Kirk
LiteJet Keypad
In my current home I use X10 technology to control my lights since I did not build this house.  But if I was to build a new house, I'd seriously consider hard-wired lighting control, like the CentraLite LiteJet which can control 24 lights and comes with 16 keypads that you can label, dimming on every light, scenes, etc. This is a good deal for only $3000 list, and looks nicer and is faster and more reliable than X10.  

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Sonance iPort
Written by Kirk
Came across Sonance's iPort today -- basically a wall-mount for your iPod that runs to a wall plate with audio out and IR in.  This allows you to connect your iPod to your existing whole-house audio system by just popping iit into the wall.  Not cheap, but very cool.

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Written by Kirk
Not new, but I haven't mentioned it here before.  VisionArt is a great way to make your plasma TV wife-friendly.  A nice frame surrounds your plamsa TV and limited edition prints can lower to cover or raise to reveal the screen.  The print is rolled up behind the frame and thus it looks very professional.

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