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Welcome to the TechHomes blog. In general, Kirk posts interesting articles/comments about new home automation and home theater products and solutions. Most of Rick's posts are related to smart home industry trends and updates on wired communities and tech-savvy home builders.

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  Kirk Bauer & Rick Hargett

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Road map to a broadband nation
Written by Rick
The May 2005 Business 2.0 magazine includes an map of the US insert that profiles several of the "most connected" communities in the US. 

A few examples:

- My favorite...  Keller, TX (a Dallas suburb) has rolled out a fiber-to-the-home initiative that brings 30 Mbps data speeds to the front door of 15,000 homes (eventually 100,000).

- Daytona Beach, FL is developing a wireless network that will extend to over 65,000 homes, offering 1.5 Mbps connections for as low as $25 per month.

- Manassas, VA has installed a 300-kbps solution that runs over power lines.  Yes, it's slower than cable or DSL, but it also costs just $29 per month compared to Comcast cables' $46 per month offering.

Is your city a Broadband Boomtown?  Read the article here...

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Warming Up to Climate Control
Written by Rick
CNet news is running an article called "Warming up to climate control tech".  Good article on how more-and-more homeowners are embracing technology to save energy, thus saving $'s.   In particular, the author discusses an emerging trend of homeowners signing up to have their energy use monitored in real time by the utility... "During peak periods, when electricity costs the most and can be harder to come by, these providers reduce energy consumption via a command, sent to a computer on your power meter, that slightly throttles air conditioners or other select appliances. ".

While I'm not yet convinced that I should allow an outside utility or service  to dynamically change anything in my home, I am a big fan of using technologies like programmable thermostats and multi-zone HVAC systems to maintain my own control over climate in my home... saving energy and $'s.

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